Play Connect Thrive


On the other side of every difficulty lies the beginning of a better life.  You just need to cross over. 

- Ronit Baras


Welcome to Play Connect Thrive

Are you an adult suffering from anxiety and/or depression that is impacting your capacity to experience life as fully as you'd like?  Or, are you someone who has experienced trauma or other difficult circumstances that are keeping you from having healthy relationships or from being the parent you want to be? Do you feel the stress and pressure of having a child that is struggling with Autism, ADHD, sensory processing or emotional regulation challenges, trauma, anxiety, depression, or learning differences?  Do you wish you had a safe place to process your feelings, and to find solutions for your child's or family's difficulties?  Having worked with many individuals and families with these issues, I understand the trials that a journey with these difficulties can bring.  Often, it can make one feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless.  There are no perfect people, no perfect parents and no perfect children.  But, working together, we can find the best ways for you and your family to Play, Connect, and Thrive.