Play Connect Thrive

 “Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be true.”




Couples often come into therapy feeling distant, hurt and frustrated. From the first session, I will strive to help you access and focus on the strengths that already exist in your relationship. Often, beneath the anger or withdrawal there is fear, sadness and loneliness. I will work with you to move beyond your patterns of blame and shame, towards an inner calm, where you can access more tender emotions and express yourselves from this deeper, more genuine place. This often results in the messages coming out in a way your partner can better hear and receive.

When working with couples, I strive to be respectful, present and responsive throughout the therapy process, focusing on helping to uncover and activate your natural impulses to connect and heal. In every session, we will work together, to create safety, so that the experience of connection and love can spontaneously emerge. The felt experience of love and valuing helps to enhance closeness and move the process of therapy forward.

Within this atmosphere of safety you will find new ways to approach your problems and differences, as well as life’s ongoing stress. This is a discovery process that is collaborative and opens new paths and patterns that you will want to take home.